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Can Bragg Media help me with brand identity?

The short answer is yes. The Bragg Media design team can help you with non-trademarked logos and branded collateral, such as letterhead, business cards, brochures, notecards, etc. For new businesses that need brand identity design, check out Bragg Media’s Brand Starter Kit. The average small- to medium- sized marketing agency charges $100-$200 per hour. With […]

Who is Bragg Media?

Founded in 2007, Bragg Media started as a graphic design firm by Heather Bragg, a former newspaper reporter turned marketer. Bragg Media quickly grew — offering clients more marketing and creative services at an affordable rate. As DIY graphic design tools and remote working grew in popularity, the Bragg Media team decided to make professional […]

Where is Bragg Media located?

Bragg Media Marketing is a full-service creative marketing agency headquartered in Bluffton, SC. Everyone on our team works remotely. We believe that innovation and creativity happens anywhere — not bound to brick and mortar but by the talented people who are part of our team. Bragg Media’s secure client portal with project management system is […]

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