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Do I own the design files or does Bragg Media?

You — the client! — has 100% ownership of all of the designs created by our team. The files come in your choice of file format, including .jpg, .png and .pdf. Additionally, we provide the native design files upon request — InDesign (.indd), PhotoShop (.PSD) or Illustrator (.ai). We also provide design on your Canva […]

How do I sign up for Bragg Media’s graphic design subscriptions?

Getting started with Bragg Media’s graphic design subscriptions is easy! Visit our pricing page. Choose between the Baseline and Advanced subscription package. Sign up with a unique username and password. You’ll start the onboarding process on the Bragg Media Client Portal immediately — sign the agreement, enter your billing information, watch a video and — […]

Are Bragg Media’s design subscriptions right for me?

The graphic design subscriptions offer a variety of creative projects at an affordable flat-rate price. The Bragg Media design subscriptions are only as good as the information we receive. First, make sure the project falls in our scope of services. Second, be prepared to explain exactly what you need. We are not responsible for creating […]

Design Subscription Terms of Use

Introduction Information on the parties involved All projects or services (“the work”) that AGENCY (or “we”) (Bragg Media LLC, 315 Cold Creek Pass, Bluffton, SC 29910) may be contracted to produce or provide for CLIENT (or “you”) will be subject to—and you the undersigned agree to the following: 1. Payment CLIENT agrees to pay AGENCY […]

Is my data secure with Bragg Media?

Data privacy and cyber security are extremely important to all of us at Bragg Media Bragg Media’s Client Portal is HIPAA compliant and powered by the Amazon AWS technology stack. All data always moves along encrypted networks, and is written to multiple disks instantly, backed up daily, and stored in multiple locations. Files that our […]

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