How Many Projects Do Bragg Media Graphic Design Subscriptions Include?

Bragg Media’s graphic design subscriptions offer an affordable option for professional graphic design. The subscriptions include up to 10 projects per package with unlimited revisions.

Your designer will only work on one design project at a time. 

You can send several design requests at a time. The project manager will review each request and add them to your queue. Once a design project has been approved by you in the portal, we will work on the next project. We depend on good communication from our clients to tell us which projects are a priority.

With the design subscriptions, you could expect the following in one month:

  • 6-8 social media graphics
  • 1 print advertisement
  • 1 double-sided flier with a lot of information
  • 2-4 lightly edited photos, such as background removal
  • 1 Google Ad with different sizes

This represents an estimate and should not be taken for an exact account. Each client and each project is unique. There also are many factors that contribute to turnaround times. For more information on turnaround times, click here.

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