How Do I Sign Up For Bragg Media’s Graphic Design Subscriptions?

Getting started with Bragg Media’s graphic design subscriptions is easy!

  1. Visit our pricing page. Choose between the Baseline and Advanced subscription package.
  2. Sign up with a unique username and password.
  3. You’ll start the onboarding process on the Bragg Media Client Portal immediately — sign the agreement, enter your billing information, watch a video and — BOOM! — you’re ready to get started.
  4. Login to Bragg Media’s Client Portal and fill out a work request form.
  5. Once your request is ready to rock n’ roll, you’ll receive an e-mail notification to check the portal for downloadable files and to approve or reject the request. You’ll have an opportunity to provide ample feedback.
  6. Have a problem? Simply message your project manager through the Client Portal.
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