How does the design subscription process work?

Once you submit a design request, your project manager will review all of the information.You will receive a message through the portal with confirmation that your design request has been turned into a project. Your project manager may message you with questions regarding the project or request files if necessary. Turnaround times for when you will receive a proof varies. Generally, the turnaround time is 2-3 business days.

When a proof is ready for your approval …

You will receive an e-mail from the Client Portal. The project manager will assign you a task to approve or reject the project with a deadline of 1 business day.

You must respond to this task in order to move to the next phase in the project’s development.

If we don’t hear back within 1 business day, you’ll receive an automated e-mail reminder from the Portal. If it takes even longer, the project manager also will send you a reminder. Until you respond to the approve or reject task, your design project and your subscription will be stuck in limbo.

You can create new design requests in the portal while other projects are pending. However, the new design requests will sit in the queue until the previous design project has been completed.

If you decide to cancel the design project at the approve or reject phase, simply message your project manager in the portal to let them know. Once the project has been cancelled, we’ll move on to the next project.

When a design project is ready to go …

When a design project has been completed, all of the files you need for the project will be uploaded into the specific project folder in your portal.

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